Monday, 5 July 2010

Bootfair Booty

This weekend I went and enjoyed the sunshine and browsed around my local bootfair. There were so many bargains to be snapped up! Most designer items at the bootfair were going for between 50p-£2! You can't even get a basic vest in a supermarket for that! So what beautiful bargains did I bring home with me this time? A Pair of Armani Jeans worth around £100 for just £1 that's 99% off! You won't find discounts like that on the high street! I also got a pair of cute Jasper Conran jeans with Jasper conran branding on the turn-ups for just £1-they are worth around £40. I then went on to get 3 diesel tops for £3 worth over £100! Further round I stopped at a stall that had several designer bags- I got a DKNY bag, an FCUK denim bag, Fiorelli bag and a brand new DKNY purse. I paid £6.50 for the 4, pocketing designer items worth a total of around £230! That's a saving of £223.50! 

A crucial point to bear in mind is that 2nd hand does not necessarily mean used. People may get presents that aren't to their taste or don't fit and are consequently never used. So if you look there are also lots of new items at bootfairs (likewise at swishes, on ebay and in charity shops). At this particular bootfair I secured a brand new with tags Guess top and a brand new with tags apple bottoms top worth a total of £90-a saving of over £85!

Totals so far are around £560 of designer clothes for around £15-That's £545 saved and I'm only part way through my booty!

I walked on a little further to find a gorgeous purple DKNY hoodie, a Diesel bright pink top and an armani exchange top for just £3 in total worth a tidy £135!  I snapped up a ralph Lauren Polo Jeans cute pink tshirt for just 50p-worth around £60 and an armani jeans vest top for 50p worth around £40-that's £100 of designer clothes for just £1!

Following this I found a John by John Richmond smart top worth around £40, a Jasper Conran summery white embroidered vest top worth around £30. That's £70 of designer clothes for just £2.

I then bagged a Guess vest top, a beautiful Coast vest top with a cute bow and sequins. I paid just £1.50 for the pair so with them being worth aproximately of £80 I saved £78.50!

I was down to my last few quid and wanted to spend it wisely so it was time for a good rummage. Don't be put off by stalls that don't have clothes neatly laid out on hangers. Sometimes, the more effort someone has made to display their clothes means they are more aware of exactly what's there and they might command higher prices accordingly. To give you an example, I saw a Ted Baker zip up top on a hanging rail and asked how much the seller wanted for it. I was told £6. In fairness, still a bargain considering it's worth around £70, but I knew I could do better. I found another stall further round that had a big pile of clothes to rummage through. I got an even nicer Ted Baker asymetric zip up top with a funky image on the back for just £2-a saving of around £68! Now that's got to be worth a rummage!

It's not always the case that clothes on hangers are more expensive though. I found another stall with so many clothes that the lady had clearly run out of space in the wardrobe-that's like music to my ears! I got a juicy couture velour tracksuit top and 2 juicy couture tshirts. The three cost me a total of £3 and are worth a staggering £270! That's an extra £267 in MY pocket rather than in the greedy hands of a designer store. Coincidently my partner and I are off on holiday to cornwall for 5 days relaxing on gorgeous sunny beaches in a couple of weeks and that saving is exactly enough to pay for both of us to go on this holiday!

My final bargain of the day with my last gold coin was a Prada bag worth about £200! What a bargain! That means that over the course of a 2 hour wander round a bootfair, 10 minutes from my home, I spent under £30 to get a grand total of nearly £1,500 worth of lovely designer clothes!

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