Saturday, 11 August 2012

Swish in the city

Today I ventured to Clapham for Back to the Fuschia's swish. I took a collection of designer goodies including fabulous neon pink Versace trousers (that I got at a previous swish and wasn't brave enough to wear), armani tops (1 of which I wish I'd kept) a Karen Millen top and Levi's bag (both of which found a loving home with the same lady)!

I arrived in plenty of time and we were allowed to browse as items were going on the rails. This is different to most swishes I've attended where you have a drop off time and grab lunch or a cocktail while clothes are being sorted then everyone browses and swishes together. The format for this one was advantageous in that you could suss out the rails immediately but frustrating in that once you were in and had seen all the lovely clothes on offer you wanted to swish straight away!!!

I've been swishing for many years now and in my opinion, the best swishes have a good points system for checking in and out clothes. This one had just that so you weren't left feeling shortchanged like in 1:1 swishes e.g taking in Prada and checking out Primark which is much more akin to shopping with real money (except of course it doesn't cost you anything)! Normally I prefer to take more high street items and come out with less items but of higher quality. Today, since there was an 8 item limit, I took my best bits to give me maximum points to swish with. I had 320 in total. I checked in 8 items but must have checked out around 12 as only a couple are designer so I got more for my 'money' as it were. The points system does generally encourage a better calibre of clothes into the swish which means more delightful labels to rummage through.

During the browsing I clocked a Donna Karen coat, Moshino Jeans, All Saints trousers and a stunning dress. As is the way of the swish it's every eagle- eyed, fashion-hungry woman for herself! I'd prioritised the All Saints trousers so grabbed those first. Then, when I went to grab the Moshino Jeans they weren't there. I did a quick swoop and grabbed another dress I'd seen, a pretty floral top and a pair of jeans. The DKNY coat and pretty dress I'd seen were long gone but my gut instint was telling me those prized Moshino jeans were lurking in amongst the Primark ones so I hunted through every pair. I came across a nice pair of Roxy jeans and some FCUK ones so added those to my already laden arms! Just when I was about to admit defeat on the Moshino jeans I turned over the last pair on the rail to find the classic Moshino brasswear glinting at me! Awesome!

How else can you get a whole new wardrobe for free from a variety of labels in under an hour? We're in a recession and money's tight so take advantage of the opportunity. Swishing is the new shopping!

What an eco-fabulous way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Thanks ladies: I'm already eagarly awaiting the next one!

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