Thursday, 15 July 2010

The Big Swish Evening

How do you like the idea of discount designer clothes? I bet that means you like the idea of FREE designer clothes even more, right? Well get yourself to a swish and for a small entry fee (around £7.50) and load up on FREE designer booty!

The latest swish was 'The Big Swish' in Covent Garden. I got a whole hoard of gorgeous designer clobber for free that had been donated by other swishers. The idea is this: You clear out your wardrobe before you head off. Fill a bag with bits you no longer wear-maybe you've grown out of it, fallen out of love with it, or wore it once and it's not come off the hanger since. You then get a credit for each good quality item you take. These credits can then be exchanged 1:1 for clothes that you fall in love with. As you know my goal is always to add style and value to my wardrobe. I took items worth around £50 that I no longer used and I filled up my bag with a very satisfying 10 designer items!

So what did I nab? Well here goes: my fave item of the night was definitely a pair of reversed D&G jeans with the back pockets on the front and the back styled with the corner pockets that normally sit on the front-they are infinitely cool. They are worth around £200 on their own! They are a really eye catching item and will definitely see you in the spotlight!

In addition to these fabulous jeans, I also bagged a pair of Diesel jeans worth around £80, a stunning pair of DKNY black trousers worth a tidy £60 and a Guess denim skirt also worth around £60. So just on denim designer gear I netted a cool £600 worth of clothes!

I also clinched a D&G black belt worth around £50, a Calvin Klein blue knitted scarf worth around £40 and a stylish denim Ted Baker bag worth around £60 so total of £150 on accessories alone!

I also got in quick to nab a few stunning dresses. A sexy, on trend black lace French Connection dress worth around £120, a stunning black and white print dress from Coast worth about £150, a Debut dress worth £90. That makes a total of £360 worth of beautiful dresses. 

That makes a grand total of over £1,100 of designer gear for the entrance fee of £7.50! That's 99.3% off. Now that's a saving the high street will never be able to replicate!

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