Sunday, 3 October 2010

The Big Swish at Amika

It was an eagerly awaited event that was well attended by fashionistas from far and wide. Ladies queued in their droves to check in their unloved labels and high street items. This swish heralded the introduction of a designer section for those of us who had premium items to swish. This was a welcome addition to the Big Swish and ensured that those swishers who brought high value items got to take out high value items in return.

In return for a Ralph Lauren jumper, shirt and T-shirt, Calvin Klein T-shirts (that didn't fit) and lots of high street goodies, I bagged myself a good selection of clothes. These included a Dolce and Gabbana black T-shirt worth around £100, Calvin Klein Tshirt worth around £50 (that did fit) and a beautiful dress worth around £30. As I was queuing to check out, a lady told me she'd bought the dress from somewhere exotic but it had never been worn!

I also spied a gorgeous pink top with butterflies and bling- (totally sums up my taste) but unfortunately someone else already had it in their arms. I was gutted...'the early bird catches the worm' and I just wasn't early enough (a good chinwag with the people from Raw meant I was at the back of the queue)! However, by the end of the swish just as I was ready to check out I spotted a woman next to a pile of clothes she'd dismissed. Among these items was the pink top I'd spied earlier so obviously I added it to my pile of gorgeous booty. Perfect! 

They say 'one woman's trash is another woman's treasure' and this really is the moto of a good swish!

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